专注、自由,开放 朝理想奔跑
OUI成立于2017年,作为一个新生代品牌,从成立初期就希望走上一条不同的品牌之路,以「创造新的灯光文化,点亮设计灵感」为驱动力,Original 原创   Unique 独特   Inspiring 赋予灵感是我们对于产品的定义。我们坚持用最优质的材料、领先的生产工艺来实现我们的设计,同时我们也为客户提供专业的照明设计咨询和解决方案服务。从本质上,我们更愿意成为一家基于产品和空间的创意与设计公司,用一种脱离开传统灯具行业的思维模式,思考产品和品牌的发展。

Focused, Unchained, Open Minded Journeying toward our dream
As a young and emerging brand, OUI had always hoped to walk a different path since its establishment in 2017. Driven by our motto of Light up your inspiration, OUI aims to bring forth original, unique, and inspiring products. We insist on using high-quality raw materials and top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities to bring our design to real life. Meanwhile, we provide professional lighting design consultancy and tailored lighting solutions. Standing at the intersection of creativity and capability, we consider ourselves free from the restrictions of the traditional lighting industry precisely because of our services options and our approach toward lighting design.

We will be pooling our efforts toward applying lighting systems and light fixtures in creating high-quality living environment. We will be exploring the interactive possibilities between people and space with the help of our products, designs, and services.