OUI CASES 光明东滩源国际会议中心

建筑设计: 原作设计工作室
照明设计: TJAD建筑照明
项目面积: 10000m²


Shanghai’s Chongming District won the opportunity to host the 10th China Flower Expo which took place earlier in 2021. After more than three years of preparation, the whole Flower Expo area has been turned into a work of art for the public’s pleasure. In all the support projects, the Bright Flower Expo Estate Dongfeng Lounge holds a special significance. The Bright Dongtanyuan International Conference Center has been turned into the heart of the greater Bright International Food and Agriculture Science Park, thanks to its superior location and unbeatable natural resources. The project is part of the larger Dongtanyuan project, which belongs to Bright Food Group.
建筑体由原作设计工作室负责,主创建筑师章明,曾任杨浦滨江南段公共空间总设计师,2019上海城市空间艺术季总建筑师,亚洲建筑师协会建筑奖金奖和世界建筑节WAF年度大奖获得者,同济大学教授、博导,同济设计集团原作设计工作室主持建筑师;兼任中国建筑学会建筑改造和城市更新专业委员会副主任,上海市建筑学会建筑创作学术部主任等职;致力于城市有机更新和既有建筑及建成环境的改造再利用以及文教类建筑设计理论与设计方法研究,曾获中国建筑学会青年建筑师奖,全球华人青年建筑师奖;2018 年荣获“上海市杰出中青年建筑师”及“上海市勘察设计之星”称号。

The architectural designed was created by the Original Design Studio, with Zhang Ming being the lead architect. Zhang Ming was the chief designer of the public space along the southern section of the Yangpu river and the chief architect of the 2019 Shanghai urban space art season. He won gold at the Arcasia Thesis of the Year Award and the WAF Landscape of the Year in 2019. A professor and a Ph.D. advisor at Tongji Univsersity, Zhang also serves as the lead architect of Original Design Studio, a part of the Tongji Architectural Design Group. He is the Deputy Director of the Architectural Renovation and Urban Renewal Committee of Architectural Society of China and the Director of Academics and Architectural Creation at the Shanghai Architectural Society. Zhang is committed in promoting the organic renewal of cities and the recycling and revitalization of existing architectures and environment, as well as in developing theories and methodologies for designing architectures for art and education. He won the Young Architect Award of Architectural Society of China and the Global Chinese Young Architect Award. In 2018, he was awarded the title of Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Architect of Shanghai and Shanghai’s Star of Survey and Design.


The Dongtanyuan International Conference Center inherited the Original Design Studio’s style in their Dongfeng Lounge project. The integrated roof and walls give the building a sense of being part of the landscape. A single element extends, combines, and eventually becomes a part of the boundless space. This innovative use of space effectively makes sure the entire space doesn’t get broken into smaller segments. Along the historic axes and the natural flow of the space, walls emerge. As they turn and swirl, they become stairs, thus creating an integrated exhibit hall. Nature gets introduced into the building and interact with the exhibits. The designed route inside goes up into the multi-layered space, truly futuristic.

Light is one of the most intriguing element in this space. It’s of utmost significance to balance natural and artificial light in elegant containers, such as this one. Sometimes, designers must take a step back and know that less can be more. It is not the architect’s intention to crowd the building. Rather, they intended to give it a peaceful and lasting energy.

Silence is more powerful than noises.  

The essence of many buildings, especially those built for artistic and cultural activities, are calm and quiet. Their charm doesn’t lie in the dramatic contrast of lighting or colors. Instead, they use lighting techniques to create a rustic, reserved yet rich and powerful ambiance. The just right amount of exposure and brightness is a perfect fit for the building.

Pay attention to the use of space, be proficient in lighting to create an indoor atmosphere, and integrate modern techniques and fitting elements into each design space.